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My Story

Hello! Welcome to my Scentsy website!

This has been one wild ride so far! I joined Scentsy in October of 2010 so soon it will be 10 years! Pretty good for someone who just joined to help out a friend! Someone who, was not going to do home parties or vendor shows (basket parties only!) Someone who only a week before had heard about Scentsy and smelled their first scent, which by the way was Newborn Nursery! I didn't own a single Scentsy product when I joined but that first introduction was amazing! I walked into my first grandchild's nursery and asked what is that?! It smelled fantastic! One week later a friend from the US was looking for team members so I thought what the heck, it's something we can do together so I signed up right then!

I can't tell you what being a party of the Scentsy Family is really like, I went into it expecting nothing but a commission cheque and some great product, but what I get out of it is so much more than that. I have traveled to places I have only dreamed about seeing, my first was the Dominican Republic and it was the very first time I saw the ocean, it was incredible and the last was Disney World in Florida with many in between (for free!), I have made friends that I never would have made if I had not joined (2 of my very best friends have been made through Scentsy). I have a team of wonderful ladies that I also would never have met if I had not joined Scentsy. It has been confidence building in that I had so much anxiety about public speaking that I felt sick at just the thought, that has changed, maybe not in really large groups but a home party is no longer a mountain to climb! In fact I love them! I have met some really great people from doing home parties as well, it is always lots of laughs at these shows!

I am always looking for hostesses whether it be for a basket party, a home party or an online facebook party! I am also always looking for people to partner with me and join me on this ride, whether it is to earn extra cash, incentive trips so you can travel, to allow you to spend more time with family, or just to make new friends, whatever you're looking for it can be found here!

If you would like further information in partnering with me or regarding a party of any type or if you just need help placing an order feel free to contact me!

Lisa Sharpen
Cell: 306.873.0067